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Style Tip:

Nothing says Fall or Autumn Like the Color of Brass, Copper or Bronze

What comes to your mind when you think of the Fall Season??? Is it the leaves changing colors, the cooler temperatures, all of the festive decorations (Halloween & Harvest Time), children going back to school or is it the smell of apple cinnamon candles, hearty soups & savory dishes..

Whatever it may be, I can almost bet that your clothing & color selections are starting to change as well. Are you opting for colors such as maroon, olive green, emerald green, burnt orange, gray, navy, slate blue or brown too name a few? Probably… So if you’re choosing those colors, what are you using as your accent piece, something to break up the monotony of the dominate color or to brighten or highlight a darker color?? I would suggest brass, copper or bronze. 

Brass, copper or bronze can not only be worn as a metal such as in jewelry pieces but they are also found as accent colors in clothing, shoes, handbags & jewelry. I prefer to wear them as a metal in jewelry as an alternative to silver & gold.

So Let's Talk About Brass

Brass is made by combining the metal alloys of copper & zinc. The more copper used, the more brassy in color the metal becomes. Because of the yellowish tone in brass it goes well with the majority of the fall colors I’ve mentioned. Picture this necklace with a maroon turtle neck or brown sweater.    

What About Copper?

Copper is known for its metallic reddish-brown color. It is used as a constituent in various metal alloys such as Sterling Silver that is used in jewelry. Copper is almost exclusively used as an industrial metal, however you can find jewelry made of copper wiring & tubing. But, you can find tons of jewelry that is copper in color. This copper-colored charm bracelet would look amazing with a modern gray pants suit.

Who Loves Bronze??

Bronze is a metal alloy primarily made out of copper and tin. It is mostly used in the making of statues, bells and plumbing fixtures because of it’s sturdiness and durability. Like copper, it is rarely seen in jewelry but the color of bronze is found in necklaces, earrings, rings & bracelets. Because of it’s darker brown color, I find it goes well with burnt orange, tan and gold. This bronze colored ornament with tassel necklace would be a perfect match with a tan dress.